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LuxeRox Amethyst Clusters on Matrix

LuxeRox Amethyst Clusters on Matrix

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Viva Las Vigas! Amethysts from Las Vigas in Veracruz, Mexico are a true challenge to recover from the earth. Not only does the process begin with a six-hour mule ride in one direction, the path takes miners to the steep volcanic valleys of Cerro Piedra Parada. Rife with quartz veins, the miners follow the veins to where they widen out to crystal-lined pockets of amethyst. The finest Las Vigas Amethyst specimens feature slender, elongated prismatic crystals with colorless bases and transition to lavender or lilac towards their terminations.

Amethyst has been a prized gem for centuries. Amethysts are the most valuable variety of quartz, and were one of the first gemstones used by people around the world. The Greeks believed that drinking wine from an amethyst cup would prevent intoxication. Royalty has also favored the purple gemstone, and at one time amethysts were reserved for royalty alone.

The rich purple color is due to iron and manganese inclusions. Exposure to heat or irradiation can produce a yellow to orange color (citrine) or a pale green color (prasiolite). The hexagonal crystal structure can vary in size from microcrystalline drusy to large scepters and often forms inside agate geodes.

Specimen Locality: Las Vigas de Ramirez, Veracruz, Mexico

All specimens from LuxeRox are rough natural material.  Every order contains a one-of-a-kind work of art as crafted by Mother Nature.  All specimens will vary slightly in size, color, and shape.

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