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Baobab Shower Gel - Manhattan

Baobab Shower Gel - Manhattan

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The Manhattan scented shower gel is a truly decorative object for bathrooms. Presented in a glass bottle decorated with a platinum and navy blue silk-screened print of the Chrysler building's metal architecture, this gel can be elegantly placed in shower niches or on the edge of a bathtub. 
Through the transparency of the glass and the silk-screened decoration, the deep blue gel can be seen in a very unusual textured effect. Both soft and moisturizing, the gel is easily applied to the skin, with a fragrance that offers additional comfort and an energizing freshness. 


The aromatic scent of the Manhattan Shower Gel is both fresh and sophisticated. The notes of cypress, lavender and papyrus are unusual accords that leave a very pleasant trail on the hands. A fresh and energetic sensation. This fragrance was born from the memory of a stroll through Manhattan in the spring. When a storm breaks on the upper east side and gives way to a vibrant sun. The asphalt heats up with a very particular metallic smell. The wind rushes through the blocks and spreads the freshness of a changing nature in the heart of Central Park. The walk ends at the Metropolitan Museum where the timeless scent of crumpled papyrus resides.

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