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Baobab Shower Gel - Gentlemen

Baobab Shower Gel - Gentlemen

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The Gentlemen scented shower gel comes in a bottle decorated with a navy blue and platinum silk-screened ed print, using a graphic and geometric pattern. The bottle reveals a deep blue texture, which reinforces the shower gel’s aquatic look.
The glass becomes a decorative object placed in a shower niche or on the edge of a bathtub. The texture of the gel is smooth and moisturizing, it hardly foams and leaves a delicately perfumed veil on the skin.


Made with amber and spice, the Gentlemen shower gel’s fragrance is both masculine and mysterious. A base note of labdanum and essence of raw resin gives the fragrance a seductive masculine quality. With Rum and saffron as top and heart notes, it will envelop you in a veil of warmth and comfort. This perfume, appropriately named, embodies pure seduction, the fragrance of a man who leaves an unforgettable trail in his wake or of a woman who enjoys a play on the masculine-feminine. As a shower gel, it leaves a delicate veil on the skin that will not clash with your usual perfume.

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